About Us

Welcome to our backyard lab.

Welcome to our backyard lab.

The only thing we love more than eating barbecue is making it ourselves. Mix the primal joy of cooking over a live fire with the pride of watching backyard BBQ guests devour your lovingly prepared meal, and you’ve got one incredibly addictive hobby. We were hooked immediately and have immersed ourselves in learning everything we can about it since. Chasing that high of a perfectly prepared outdoor meal led us to founding Grill Labs. Our goal is to continually study how to make the best grilled and barbecued food and to pass on everything we learn along the way. We intend to do this by:

  1. Making and eating delicious BBQ. This is our number 1 priority. We'll learn the most by doing and--whether we understand it or not--we love grilled and BBQ’d food.
  2. Learning the science. We’re curious. We want to know why the food is so damned good! And we want to learn how to make it even better. Of course, culinary science goes well beyond grilling and BBQ. But that's our favorite food, so it's our focus.
  3. Creating and selling useful tools for grilling and barbecue. We see you rolling your eyes. No way this is #3. And you’re right. Of course selling product is important to us. It’s our livelihood after all. But we got into this business because of the first two, so they come first. If our business doesn’t work out, fine. But you better believe we’ll still be doing #1 and #2.

If you'd like to come along on this journey, your can follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook, where we'll share everything helpful that we read or watch online. You can also check Backyard Scienceour journal where we'll post tips, resources, and the results of our own experiments. And, of course, you can buy our products, which we're designing to take full advantage of the scientific principles we learn from all of our delicious research. Our product line will be constantly expanding as we search for the best tools to help you make your best barbecue.

To get in touch with us for product or company information, please click here.

Grill Labs. Better Barbecue Through Science.