Best BBQ in LA?

About a week ago, I had an amazing day filled with firsts and bests. I watched the LA Rams play their first game in LA in over 22 years. I drank some of the finest craft beer at Absolution Brewing in Torrance, the beer capital of Southern California.


And I had the best BBQ in Los Angeles. You read that correctly: the BEST BBQ in Los Angeles, Bartz Barbecue.


Bartz is a catering service that specializes in Texas Style BBQ. Its specialties are brisket, bacon, and pulled pork all done on a wood smoker. The brisket I had had basically zero fat on it, but I mean that in the best of ways. It had whatever fat needed to make it delicious, but i didn't leave substantially portions uneaten because of fattiness. And the pork was the best I have ever had too. Delicious, 'nuff said.  I can't wait to attend  another event Bartz caters. I suggest you all follow them too!


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Great PPQ (Public Places to BBQ) #1: Doheny State Beach

It's not even Summer yet and I have already been to one of my favorite public BBQ places, Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, CA just off of the 5 freeway twice already. DHS is one of California's most popular state beaches and attracts almost one million visitors per year. DHS has a day use surfing beach at its northern end, a large lawn and volleyball courts.

Just on the other side of the white sandy beach are multiple public grills and public tables that are surprisingly relatively clean, though I did bring our Grill Labs Grill Brush to clean some accumulated grime for the most recent BBQ. During the Summer it could be difficult to have more than one grill at a time. But during the off-season (anytime other than May-September), securing contiguous picnic tables and grills is easy. 

Many areas other than the sand is dog-friendly. The beach is a no alcohol zone, so prepare accordingly. Parking can be purchased via hourly purchasing or you can by a day pass for $15. 

And at the end of the day, after grilling and having access to the beach, to the grassy area, to surf and volleyball, what could beat that? Only this view:

Doheny State Beach at Sunset

Doheny State Beach at Sunset

"Pop-Up" Restaurants: A Fix For Empty Lease Space?


Here is a post about "experimentation in a food lab": pop-up restaurants. In the building where I work at my day job I tried some BBQ from a restaurant that I had never heard of. This restaurant has its brick-and-mortar BBQ ops about 20 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles in Whittier. But, thanks to this "permanent experiment", I filled my empty belly with their quality, and still warm, brisket. And on other days I've had Asian-Fusion, Indian and other delicious meals. All thanks to an interesting fix for a common problem of failed restaurants and empty space: "pop-up" restaurants.  

Over the past 11 years many restaurants have opened and closed in this particular space. There was a health food "experiment" where I consumed many stale and rubbery meals because of convenience. There also was the American Sandwhich/Sushi/Teriyaki "experiment" that was better but also ultimately failed because it tried to be too many things at once. And I think one reason why is much like our attention spans have become out-of-whack due to our phones, social media and other gadgets, our pallets suffer from constantly changing tastes. 

While some argue over the actual rate of restaurant failures and the possible causes, it is no secret that running a successful restaurant is difficult. However, a "pop up" space where numerous restaurants periodically "cater" and "experiment" makes sense in our fickle society. Of course, it also makes sense to open "pop-up" spaces where there is a lot of foot traffic: business centers, downtown cores, etc. 

The BBQ that I tried that day, Wowo's Smokin Hot BBQ, boldly advertises that it is "Some of the best BBQ in all of LA & OC" (an area that includes almost 10 million people btw). The flavor and quality of the brisket surprised me: fresh, not chewy and not overly expensive. Having tried Wowo's at the "pop-up", I will definitely try them the next time I'm fixin for some BBQ and near Whittier.

Taking Over The "Journal"

With Spring 2016 getting underway we at Grill Labs are thrilled. As the weather gets warmer the time we spend outside will increase. And we will be grilling.  

We have new products we are releasing soon just in time for the 2016 Grill Season. These include high quality grill gloves and grill mats. We are proud of these products, and we know you will be happy with them. We guarantee it or we WILL gladly return your money. 

With the advent of Spring we are also taking a new approach with our "Journal". Randy Smith (i.e., me) will be writing frequently about his journey into grilling, recipes, BBQ joints, beer pairings and something near and dear to him, ethnic BBQ. Being the original West Coast representative of Grill Labs (specifically Southern California), Randy has grown up eating multiracial foods, and one of his favorite preps has been via BBQ.  

We hope you enjoy our new "Journal". Tell us your thoughts via Twitter, Facebook, emails or comments. And thanks for being Grill Labs fans. Without you we would be talking to ourselves, which can freak some people out, ya know?